Sunday, November 20, 2011

Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club

Each weekend in November the Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club opens their doors to the public. Brett, Elijah and I took advantage of this rare opportunity to see one of Portland's most awesome sites. I would highly recommend seeing this before they close their doors for another year. You can check out their schedule on line at: Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club

Saturday, September 10, 2011

You Are The Chosen One

It seems like I have known Seann McKeel forever. I remember meeting her in 2004 at a sweet all ages venue called Nocturnal on East Burnside. Seann was the booking agent and the creative force behind the venue. She booked wonderful crafting nights in the bar and hip hop dance contests in the large room upstairs.

Years later, Nocturnal is long since closed. I have a teenage son and Seann has a daughter entering kindergarten. But Seann is still as creative as ever. Last year she created an art project called Knit Not War. People from all over the world knitted 1000 origami style cranes that she turned into a beautiful art installation at the Ace Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

This year Seann embarked on a new art project called You Are The Chosen One. She invited 100 knitters to knit 12" x 12" squares that were pieced together into a beautiful into a community knitted mural. I am so honored to be apart of this awesome project. I knitted the brown and blue E.

Each knitter was asked to send along their square with a note answering the question - What Makes You The Chosen One?

After all the pieces arrived, 5 knitters spent 3 days at the Ace Hotel's Cleaners in Portland, Oregon stitching the mural together.

All the pieces were sewn together and the mural was stretched onto a frame and put on display in downtown Portland, Oregon. You can see the mural near the corner of NW Broadway and Couch St. Next to Embers night club.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dr Art Who Art Show

 Cloe Ashton

The Dr Who Art Show!
August 4 - August 31st.
at the Albina Press on SE Hawthorne Blvd
5012 SE Hawthorne Blvd Portland, OR 97215.

Featuring new art by: Christopher Herndon, Brett Superstar, Cloe Ashton, December Carson, Elijah Klauder, Dave Helfrey, Erica Melville, Sean Donahue and Kevin Cross.

Cloe Ashton

Cloe Ashton

Monday, August 1, 2011

Alley 33 Fashion Show - Fashion Dream Come True

On a warm and sunny summer afternoon this July - Portland, Oregon saw the birth of a new fashion event - Alley 33. 

In very Portland style this fashion show was born out of vision, hard work and love. 12 volunteers spent 9 months planning a fashion show that would be totally different from any other fashion show Portland had seen. Featuring new looks from 19 Portland Oregon based designers and 23 "very Portland" looking models Alley 33 Created a show centered around "sustainability through local production."

A dedicated group of men and women who love fashion and love Portland spent countless Thursday nights plotting and planning. Choosing designers and models. We Mapped out fitting times and dress sizes. We measured the length of the alley and plotted the feasibility of having an outdoor fashion show in Portland, Oregon. 

As the summer rolled along, our committee fretted and freaked out as it rained and summer seemed like it would never come.

But on Saturday, July 23rd Summer arrived and we had ourselves an outdoor fashion show. 

300 guests packed into the long alley way and wrapped around our 60 foot long stage. 

Disc Jockey Gregarious found just the right music to keep the models moving and the guests smiling. 

Our Emcee, Ms. Wood, in her signature shoes, gracefully introduced each designer and their new looks!

Everyone stayed late in the beer garden provided by the awesome Gold Dust Meridian!

And somehow, our little committee cannot believe it is all over! When do we get to plan next years event?

Thank you Mag Big, Siren Nation and Breedom Public Sewing House for all your support of this event!

Thanks you to our emcee Alicia Wood and to the Alley 33 designers: R.A.W. Textiles, Make It Good Clothing, Una Rose Clothing, J. Calderon, Amai Unmai, Hello Amelia Designs, Carolyn Hart, Clair Vintage Inspired, Layers Squared, Lazy Lolita Designs, Michelle Is Well, Celeste Sipes, Sylvania, Moonwoods Eyewear, Jitterbuggin’ Designs, She-She Designs, Dress Up Alice Designs, and Sweet Cycle Clothing.